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Matt Paulson

Owner/founder of Marketbeat

I worked with Chris (Coach B) for several months in 2017. He provided me a sustainable workout regiment and diet that allowed me to lose 21 pounds in about four months. I have a fundamentally different relationship with food and with my body because of the information and motivation that Chris provided to me.



Amy Huegerich


I appreciated your personalizing sessions to me.

It was evident you were not using a generic formula and you listen and you heard me.  I can feel that you care about me and that brought me encouragement and strength. I literally could not bring up a challenge Chris didn’t have an approach for and I couldn’t bring up a concern without Chris pointing out an opportunity.  Chris’ approach gives usable methods and tools with flexibility, thoroughness and unconditional caring. I hope I do my job half as well as Chris


Rick Frietag

Vice President, Heritage bank, SF

In working with Coach B I have found that he is intent on getting to the heart of the issue no matter what it might be. He has the ability to get right into the problem and offer me guidance into solving it and moving forward. The trouble I was having was deeply rooted and very complicated, but he simplified the situation and made me feel that we could work thru it. I very much look forward to our time together and find it completely productive.