Available Programs

Life, Health & Career Coaching

  • One on One Coaching

    • Session by session as needed

    • 90 Day programs with 30 day optional renewals

    • 180 Day programs

  • Group Coaching (4, 6, & 12 Week Programs)

    • Business Groups / Small Groups 5 or more people

    • Healthy Eating / Weight Loss Challenges

Money Matters Coaching

  • One on One Coaching

    • Session by session as needed

  • Group Coaching (4 & 6 Week Programs)

    • Business Groups / Small Groups 5 or more people

Relationship Coaching

  • One on One Coaching

    • Included in Life / Health / and Career Coaching as applicable

    • Couples Coaching

  • Group Coaching

    • High Value Attraction Course for Men Only

      • 1 Week Boot Camp or 6 Week Course

Coaching Pillars


Health Coaching


Do any of these statements sound like you, if so, I’ve got a better way.

  • Tired of Diets?

  • Don’t know how to really eat healthy?

  • Can’t lose the weight and keep it off?

  • Don’t understand “why” you really struggle with weight and/or body images?

  • Feel like cravings are out of control?

  • Can’t seem to stop overeating?

I help people lose weight, have more energy and create healthy habits that last so that they can get more out of life than always feeling tired, run down and like life is passing you by.

Contact me today to see how you can become part of the group that gets real lifestyle change.

Money Matters


If this describes you, I’d love to help.

  • You live paycheck to paycheck.

  • There’s always more month than money.

  • You know you should be making more money than you are, but you’re afraid to ask for a raise.

  • You see your friends getting ahead, but you know you’re drowning in debt more every day.

  • You’ve quit paying attention to your money, but you hope that it miraculously will get better.

  • You are constantly buying things you don’t need, but feel powerless to stop.

My unique system of coaching on money deals with the root cause of your money problem, which is your belief about money, the relationship that you have with it and the emotions that stir up when you’re trying to make it, save it or spend it.  Let me help you create a new money story and help you change the direction of your finances. 

Career / Business / Leadership Coaching


Do you feel like your career has stagnated or that you’re worth more than your employer is paying you?  Do you have an idea that would make a great business, but you’re afraid to make the leap?  I can help.  Stepping out and making changes big or small can be stressful, scary and leave you feeling like there’s something wrong with you for wanting more.  Working together, we’ll create and execute steps to help move your life forward and reach the goals you set. 

Through my civilian education, military training, military experience and work launching my own business, I bring 25 years of experience to bear on your unique problem or challenge to help you achieve results.

Relationship Coaching


Are you struggling to connect with your spouse? Is the magic missing or gone?  Do you fight more and more these days and you feel like the love is gone?  Are you considering divorce or just leaving?  There’s hope.  I’ve coached dozens of men and couples to help them resolve the underlying issues that have drained the life out of their relationships.  I’d love to work with you to help put the spice back where it belongs.

If you’re single and struggle to talk or connect with the opposite sex, Angella Jensen of Empowered Commitment Life Coaching and I co-coach the High Value Attraction group coaching program in which we debunk the myths about what women want and don’t want, how you can approach them and carry on a great conversation and once you attract that high value lady, how you can keep her and have an amazing relationship.