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Fear Not

I just shared this quote on a friends post on Facebook, but I thought it was worth sharing on my coaching page because it’s worth analyzing.

God has hidden some of your miracles in the places you are afraid to go.

~Ivan Tate

Think about the implications of that statement.

How many of you have fears? I do.

I’m going to share some with you and those of you who know me well might be surprised.

I’m afraid to speak publicly
I’m afraid of rejection
I’m afraid that I’m not qualified to be here
I’m afraid that I’m not good enough
I’m afraid that no one will love me
I’m afraid to fail
I’m afraid of success.

Do some of those ring true with you too?

Fear is very real for so many people and it is capable of stopping the the strongest people in their tracks.

Here’s what I did to overcome my fears or at least step into them and discover that I can and have overcome them.

I just did it. I stepped in and decided that what was on the other side of that fear was worth more than the pain that I felt staying on the safe side of life.

I let go of the fact that I couldn’t control how other people viewed me and so, I should just go for it. I should take chances and put myself out there.

I’ve had the chance to overcome a lot of the fears in my life and I’m still working on others.

I hope this encourages you today to step out of the box called your comfort zone and explore what’s past that edge.

God does have some of your miracles hidden in plain sight, but in the places you are afraid to go