Eat your way to lose weight

Just today, I ran into someone who's playing the intake vs output game and losing.  I talked with my friend about his eating habits and he is only eating 1 time each day.  As we talked, I could see his logic in making this choice.  He has limited activity and is trying to eat according to his output. There are many problems with doing this to his body.  I'm going to highlight a few so you can avoid this problem and help set your body up for success.

First, our bodies are insanely smarter than we are.  They can adapt to ever changing conditions to help keep us alive.  When we think we are tricking our bodies into losing weight, we are actually tricking our bodies into slowing our metabolism.  When you eat just one time each day, your body has to make the calories from that meal last 24 hours.  It slows down your metabolism so that you can make it through the day.  

Second, this is both harmful for you and not the way that you should lose weight.  I talk to a lot of people who struggle to lose weight and many of them are not eating enough food each day. They are tricking their body into slowing their metabolism down and reducing its ability to let go of unwanted weight.

The best thing you can do to boost your metabolism is to eat 3 meals each day and make sure you are getting the best quality ingredients each and every meal.