Have you every had a collision with another object like another person, a vehicle, something stationary.  When two objects come together there is an action, and a reaction.  I want to talk to you today about the reaction that happens.  

The best way for me to think about in impact is a car collision.  Two cars moving at even a slow rate of speed will change trajectories when they come into contact with each other.  When two people come together, one or both can be moved off their current path and set on a new course in life.  I want to talk to you about some impacts in my life and then about how making some decisions today can change the direction of yours.

When I look back at my life, there were many times when I came into contact with someone or something that radically changed the course of my life.  One of my first collisions was with the military recruiter, who inspired me to join the Army National Guard.  Next came a collision with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  After that it was friends, bosses, co-workers, college, and much much more.  

There were so many people that impacted my life for good and a few that I wish I could have avoided; however, each time I met someone it changed the course of my life in some way, shape or form.  The military took me off the course of laziness and apathy.  One of my bosses took me off the course of settling with only a high school diploma.  A friend took me off the course of doubting I could accomplish big goals.  Divorce took me off the course of "Until Death Do Us Part."  A podcast took me off the course of depression.

You just never know who or what can change the direction of your life.  When I work with someone in coaching, we start with working on their health.  If your not eating right, then you're not fueling your body to perform.  The impact of making that one change affects the other areas of your life.  If you look at the Circle exercise I've included with this blog post, you can see the cascade effect of working to get a result in one area and how that can affect the other areas.  Let's walk through an example below.

The result you want to work on is:  I want to learn to eat healthy food.  

The effect on your money/finances is: You eat out less, save the extra you were spending on poor quality food to buy healthy food.  You also have enough left over to put money in savings.

The effect on your health / well being is:  You feel better.  You lose weight and inches and your clothes fit better

The effect on your family / relationships is: You have a new level of depth, harmony, and satisfaction out of them and you feel happier.

The effect on your future / potential is:  You feel as though you are living up to your true potential.  You see new doors open up to you expanding your possibilities.  

The impact of making just one decision to change one small part of your life can have such a significant out come on your entire life.  

I love coaching and helping my clients see their true potential and reach for it.  How we get there is by making small changes that lead to big long term results.  What I love the most is seeing how their lives start impacting those they come into contact with.  

You just never know how you can impact someone for good.  Keep reaching, keep striving, keep believing you can.