Don't let your dream die inside you!


I want you to ask yourself these questions right now and if necessary, don't proceed any further until you can answer them with clarity.

What is your dream?  Do you have a dream that you had as a child to do something significant in this life?  Did you let go of that dream and throw it away or stuff it down so deep that you thought it could never happen?  Do you want to resurrect that dream and attempt to make it a reality?

Thank you for taking time to look within yourself and see that you still have hopes and dreams hidden in that shell.  You still have hopes and dreams that you would love to see as a reality in your life.  Some times, we may feel like life has passed us by or that we are too old, too weak, too frail, too broke, too whatever the excuse is.  Excuses are just what we tell ourselves so we don't have to put in the effort to see if our dreams can become reality.

Two years ago, I thought all my hopes and dreams of a grand future were gone forever.  I was a wreck and a mess and I saw no hope of every getting back to a place of living a life that I really enjoyed.  I was broken and shattered.  This was the best place to start to rebuild.  I got to have a do over in my life.  The rules were gone.  The expectations were gone.  The canvas was now empty and I could paint on it whatever picture I chose.

At that time, I really didn't know what the future held.  I just knew that something had to change.  I was either going to fail miserably, or succeed amazingly.  I started by just getting on my knees and crying out to God and telling him that I was tired of trying to be in control of my life, because I was failing at it.  I told him that I would give my life to him and let him shape me in whatever way he wanted.

A year prior to that, I said out loud one day, "God, how can I get paid to do something I am really passionate about?"  This question was stirring in me and I just couldn't let it go.  You see, when I look back at my life, I have done some really amazing things and I have had some great adventures, but most of that was because I chose to do what someone else influenced me to do.  I joined the Army National Guard because my stepdad recommended it.  I became a medic because my grandma was in healthcare.  I became an engineer because my boss kept telling me I had potential and he could see that I'd be good at that.  I learned how to be a construction engineer in the army because my ex wife wanted to build a home (at a discount).  You see, I was chasing everyone else's dreams and expectations for my life.  I finally stopped and asked God how I could do something I really wanted to do.

From that day forward, life went downhill fast.  My marriage ended, I became a single father, and I was trying desperately to figure out this new way of living.  I had to learn to be mom and dad and I had to learn to do what my ex wife was doing for the household.  Life was a mess, but I didn't give up.  As I started asking God for direction, I spent time in prayer, reading my bible, and watching or listening to ministers who I trusted.   Those messages and the word became the inspiration for writing this blog.  This blog became the inspiration for me to step out and take chances by faith in what God said in his word about my life.  God had a plan for me that was greater than I could have imagined.

I set out to find out how I could become a life coach.  I set out on a journey to help people who were struggling like I was.  I set out to change the world for good in whatever way I could.  I eventually found the right school, completed my courseware and have been coaching clients for a few months now.  It has been so amazing and rewarding, but that's not all.  There is more.

Back to my dream.  Around 15 years old, I had these day dreams of becoming a public speaker some day.  I would think about this and get energized and see this bright and happy future where I was standing on stage motivating people to make positive changes in their lives.  I was motivating them to step into who they really could become.  I had some significant setbacks in my life shortly after that.  I stuffed that dream down inside and thought it was just that, a dream.

As I was going through the coaching program, that dream started to come back to the surface and get stronger and stronger.  I have since stepped out and started speaking publicly.  I have had several speeches to date and I have more on my calendar for next month.  I love to motivate people to make positive changes and step into what could be.  I love to help them figure out how to make those dreams come true and I love to be there with them as they walk that journey to accomplish what they set out to do.  It is so rewarding.

If you have a dream that you have let go of and think that it's time to go after your dream, I can help you unlock what's stopping you or holding you back.  I'd love to help. Email me at

I hope this inspired you to go for your dreams.