Partner with Health Coach B to bring in new clients and more business to your gym or fitness center.

Attract clients who may be intimidated by the gym atmosphere.

Increase employee wellness.

Increase employee happiness and satisfaction.

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healthy eating challenge!

Are you tired of dieting, trying to get results and struggling to keep any weight off that you lose?

Partner with me and learn to eat health and learn why it’s so hard to lose and keep weight off.

I’ve partnered with multiple gyms, fitness centers and businesses to lead healthy eating challenges. Make yours the next!

  • 4 or 6 week group coaching programs (5 person minimum) Prices very by group size

  • Goal setting / completion

  • Learn how to kick the sugar habit

  • Eat healthy & healthy eating habits

  • Portion control made easy

  • Sabotage, why you do it and how you can stop

  • High energy foods

  • Stress management

  • Why cravings exist and how to conquer them