Money Matters

And having enough can make life a little easier!

Life is hard enough and when you don’t have enough money, it makes it even harder. There are barriers to earning and keeping more money. Do you live paycheck to paycheck and have tried to stop. Have you thought, “If I could just make more money, then everything will get better,” only to find out that no matter how much money you make, it’s still a struggle?

I help clients break down the walls to “why” they can’t get ahead.


one on one and Group Coaching options

I’ve worked with dozens of clients to improve their relationship with money, which helps them earn and keep more of what they have. I’ll help you discover “why” you struggle, what emotion (fear, fear of rejection, guilt, or shame) drives your money making decisions, what steps to take to overcome those fears, and I’ll coach you through the transition so that you are able to start creating a new money legacy for you and your family.


Why can’t you make enough / more money?

Fear and guilt keep us from making more money. We fear asking for the raise or asking for money in general so we don’t. We know we are capable of making more money and we see our co-workers making more than us, but we won’t step out and ask. The other driver for not earning enough money is guilt, feeling guilty that we aren’t doing enough. We will over deliver, over give or give our time away for things that we could be charging for. We may feel that we don’t deserve it.

We have limits to what we believe we are capable of earning. Whenever we get to that limit, our brains will create the right conditions for us to stop earning or spend the money we make so that we can’t move ahead.

My unique coaching method helps clients discover their barriers to earning and keeping more money and what they need to do to solve that.


Why do you spend more than you make

Fear of rejection and shame create the environment for people to overspend. We fear anyone telling us no, so when we purchase items we will always pay full price and when we sell something, we practically give it away.

When we are ashamed of our money situation, we won’t monitor our money like we should. This creates a feast or famine situation in our lives which leads us to live paycheck to paycheck.

Working on the root cause of our money problems, we can take the necessary action steps to turn the ship around. I also help to coach through the emotional struggles so that you can let go of your old way of living and step into what you’ve always wanted…Financial Freedom!