High value attraction bootcamp

Helping men attract and keep high quality people in their life!

Regardless of where you are in life, you can always get better.

The High Value Attraction Course teaches men how to start and keep conversations going, how to know if she’s into you, how to have true confidence, and how to attract and keep the right people in your life.

If you’ve struggled with dating, finding the right person to date or staying in a relationship you love, this course is for you…

Join Angella Jensen and Chris Buckley as they bring you High Value Attraction at its best.

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Action packed course

  • High/Low value behaviors

  • Effective communication / Love languages

  • Banter, How to read body language & signs that she’s really into you

  • How to effectively manage your time

  • The power of forgiveness-why holding onto the past is threatening your future

  • Learning how to treat others / Self-sabotage

  • How to talk to anyone & how to keep the conversation going

  • Hands on training and practical exercises

Have you wanted to learn how to attract the right girl, captivate her with who you really are and grow your relationships deeper than ever before? Coach Chris Buckley and Coach Angella Jensen have teamed up to bring you a coaching program like you’ve never seen before.

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Entry into the program is not guaranteed. Fill out the form to receive a call from one of the coaches to see if you’re a good fit for ‘High Value Attraction’.

Space in the next class is limited, so it’s first come, first serve until the class is full.