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Attract new potential clients who may be intimidated by gym culture.

Improve employee happiness and satisfaction

Increase productivity as a by product.

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Healthy Eating Challenge

Have you struggled to really change your health? All these diets are confusing, each one promising results, but none of them lasting. 98% of dieters will lose the weight and gain it all back an more in 6 months.

Healthy eating challenges tackle the real problem, our American diet is destroying our health and keeping us from losing the weight and keeping it off.

I’ve partnered with multiple gyms, fitness centers and business to teach how to transform your health through learning how to “really” eat healthy. In 6 weeks we will cover the following topics:

  • Kick the sugar habit

  • Set and achieve goals

  • Healthy eating and healthy eating habits

  • High energy foods

  • Portion control made easy

  • Stress management

  • Transformational coaching

  • Sabotage and how to stop it

  • How to jumpstart your metabolism

  • and more.