About Chris

I spent over 25 years in the military as an engineer. I spent most of that time working in various leadership positions teaching, coaching and mentoring.  I also spent several years working in manufacturing in various capacities, so I have a very analytical mind, but also have so many experiences to lean on where we threw the script out the window and executed our missions based on our training.  

In 2016, I went back to school to follow my passion to become a Life Coach.  I had a major life event which made me reevaluate what I was doing and why.  I've always loved to help people.  It's been a passion for me, so letting go of engineering and stepping into a career of so many unknowns sounds like a major transition, but for the first time in my life I was being who I really am and enjoying every moment of it.  

I definitely don't feel like I have arrived.  Each and every week, I work on myself to improve my coaching skills for my clients and I've seen such a transition happen this year.  I am a health coach and I have a dedicated program that helps my clients produce a real lifestyle change which includes proper nutrition, changing their habits, and changing their beliefs, but I've been adapting my coaching to help my clients go deeper and have significant changes in all areas of their life.  

Together they've had breakthroughs in their marriages, finances, relationships, careers/businesses and much much more.  

I absolutely love seeing people transform and grow.  I hope that you step out of your comfort zone and see just what's possible when you step up for yourself in new and amazing ways.  

I can't wait to talk to you.